Hi, I'm Laura.

My passion for style and renovation initially came from my parents. Growing up, we went to estate sales & antique stores, always looking for "hidden treasures". The first item I remember them buying was a couch, which is still in their home today. Dad took the wood all the way down, and then stained, finished, restrung, re-glued & coiled the frame back together. Mom did all the upholstery work.  


This taught me to look at items not as they were, but with the potential they had. It also taught me the courage to try anything.  

Years later, my sights turned to real estate as I was able to  successfully navigate my way through my first new construction condo in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. Over the years, I have completed the design, renovations and remodels of my own homes, as well as for others, including fix & flip properties.


As you may imagine, I still love antiquing to try and find the truly “unique” piece for a space.